FAKE Magazine wins 4 ‘Fake News’ Awards

FAKE Magazine unfortunately did not win any ‘Fake News’ Awards at tonight’s ‘Fake News’ Awards ceremony and reports of it winning 4 awards were not confirmed.

Some of the real fake winners included:

CNN, NY Times,, Sesame Street and the Presidential Election Popular Vote (broadcast on national TV (mostly fake news))

‘Fake News Awards’ potentially a Fake Event

Wed. January 17th, 2018

As of 1pm there is still no update or announcement as to when President Trump may announce the ‘Fake News Awards’ winners. ¬†White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders has only alluded to a “potential event”.

The staff of FAKE Magazine will continue to monitor the event and give any updates when possible.


The Fake News Awards

We’re excited about 45’s upcoming Fake News awards on January 17th.¬† FAKE Magazine is dedicated to covering fake news, so we’ll be on the scene with this mega-virtual event. Stay tuned!