Did ESPN get scammed by a fake High School?

Bishop Sycamore played IMG Academy on a nationally televised ESPN broadcast, part of the Geico Kickoff Classic. From the start it was apparent to all that Bishop Sycamore was greatly outmatched to the the point where ESPN commentators, fearing serious player injury, were addressing the unfolding reality. “I think this could potentially be dangerous given the circumstances and the mismatch that we have here.

A fascinating story which describes the many levels of dubious claims that the “High School” put out while trying to come off as a legitimate football program.

The Ohio High School Athletic Association offered up this, saying the school’s “physical location, practice facilities, and roster eligibility could not be verified”.

That quote symbolizes just the tip of the iceberg that was exposed after the blowout loss Bishop Sycamore were handed in that game.