Fox News fact-checks Trump claim: ‘None of that was true.’

Fox News anchor Shep Smith aired a report fact checking the President’s claim that Amazon shipping packages through the USPS costs America and taxpayers “many billions of dollars a year.”

Shep Smith: “None of that was true.”

Fox News gets nailed for Fake News report

Fox News reported that CNN had given scripted questions to one of the survivors of the Parkland H.S. massacre to ask during a town hall style debate on gun violence.  CNN vehemently denied this claim and it has has since been confirmed to be Fake News.  That didn’t stop a certain high level government official from tweeting about it.

Here is a link to the original Fox News story:

Guess who took the bait hook, line and sinker:

Retraction from the Fox News Insider site:

Here is Tucker Carlson retracting that story on Fox News: